My novel

I've written a 130,000 word novel called Tulagi Hotel (see its site for more info). It took me twelve years to finalize, as I was working with it during my spare hours, and also because I did quite a lot of research into the background. It is set in the post-WW2 Solomon Islands, and it spent almost a year in the top 100 books (out of some ten thousand books) at the HarperCollins website, Authonomy. I made it available as Print-On-Demand too, in softcover and hardcover, on Blurb.

After having the book published by Diiarts in the UK (2010) and PfoxChase in the US (2011), it was picked up by Fingerpress in the UK in 2013. This has given it a significant boost in sales.

I am also happy to report you can buy the book at Amazon. If you are in Finland, it is available at Akateeminen bookstore, as well as their netstore.

My short stories

After I finished Tulagi, I was surprised by the outburst of short story ideas that occurred. In a short span of time, a few months, I completed sixteen stories, which you can see below and read in PDF format.

The themes in my writing seem to revolve in taking one event and expanding on that; there also seems to be recurring elements, such as some supernatural feature or twist. I also have tried my hand at creating humorous short stories, most notably the Campsite stories, but I am not very confident of success at this.

The list below gives you some samples of my writing. Please feel free to mail me, should these stories evoke any feelings or sentiments in you, be it positive or negative.

You may also want to visit Year Zero Writers, a new community where writers hang out. We have created dozens of short stories and other pieces of multimedia art and collected them on this site. There are also three anthologies you can download for free in PDF format.