The 8mm film scanner (Telecine) project, part 2 – Hacked camera

This time in the multipart blog on the home-made Telecine, I’ll discuss the Canon Hack Development Kit and its connections with the Arduino. The CHDK is a wonderful, open source project, in which dedicated programmers have reverse-engineered the Canon camera operating system. The hacked version of the firmware allows the user Read more…

The 8mm film scanner (Telecine) project, part 1 – Overview

Hi all! As you may have seen previously, I posted a teaser for the latest project some time ago. It is an 8mm film scanner which is run by an Arduino robot, and with the images captured by a recycled Canon IXUS55  pocket camera running an open source (and hacked ) operating system. I’ll show you a video first, then I’ll take you through the parts. A full building instruction will appear at some point on this blog.