Assembling a CoLiDo DIY 3D printer, part 1

Main parts

Main parts

As most of you know, I am not an engineer, despite my lofty ambitions of tinkering with all sorts of things.

So, the other day Jouko Lehtomäki from Suomen 3D-ratkaisut, the partner company of my university Haaga-Helia, brought us a brand new CoLiDo DIY printer in a crate. He said it’d be a piece of cake to assemble, and asked me to film a timelapse of the build. I fended off the task until one day I had no choice, I had to print something in PLA real quick, and the packed printer was the only one available. (more…)

Building a 2 way tiltable webcam stand

Hi again.

This time I thought I’d write up a little device I have put together with Arduino and printed parts so that I can point a webcam in two directions. (That’s the first use I thought of, after getting the idea of trying something with two 180° servos). To achieve this, I bought two potentiometers (adjustable resistors) and set up two servos to rotate the stand.

Here’s a little video of it in operation: