New, improved 3D Lab at Haaga-Helia

Hello again, and all the best for 2017 to all my readers! Just before Christmas, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Suomen 3D-ratkaisut Oy (an importer of 3D printers) entered into a partnership. It stipulates that the University will get five printers and an amount of filament every year, and …

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The most cost-effective internationalization method

Let’s have a look at something completely different. By law, Finnish universities have a requirement to offer international experience to students. There are many ways we try to fulfill this requirement: international lecturers, networked courses with collaborating universities across the globe, exchange programs, and many other types of work. But …

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Trebuchet, or counterweight catapult, part I

Finished print assembled and loaded

For some time now, I have been thinking of printing a trebuchet. On Youtube you see massive trebuchets capable of hurling a flaming piano (!) to a distance of 200 meters, or trailer-based versions used in pumpkin-throwing contests. This sort of machinery is clearly beyond my MiniFactories and even the …

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