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Welcome to Sabulo, Inc.!

This site belongs to Heikki Hietala, a Senior Lecturer in Information Technology at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

As a lecturer I am currently teaching Innovation, User Experience Management, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and IoT (Internet of Things) device building. I also do a lot of thesis projects and am keen on going on teacher exchange trips.

Whatever I build, I try to write into a blog entry here, and share the goods via Github, Thingiverse, Youtube, or this blog. You can see there are about 90 entries by now, so chances are you can find something useful here, if you are interested in the subject matters I cover.

The posts are in the Tech Posts section, in a descending date order.

Here’s a short list of categories you may find useful – but there are more.

My repositories are at

I hope these pages will prove useful for you and I am always interested in learning more, so let’s discuss!

Heikki Hietala
The Author

Oh by the way, Sabulo means a sort of medium fine sand in Latin, just as hieta does in Finnish.