Short demo of the 8mm film scanner output

I have finished the 8mm telecine robot, the construction of which I have described in Part 1 and Part 2. There will be a couple of more parts at least so I can provide a complete picture of how it works and how it was built here are part 3 and part 4. Part 5 will probably handle the code part for the Arduino robot.

This short video shows you the final quality of the film I can capture automatically. I left the robot running for about 3½ hours, and it captured 3,880 frames of 8mm film. I then inserted them into Blender’s video editor and set the output to be an AVI file, and rendered.

I did not run the images through Photoshop to fix them in any way, all I did was add a transformation strip in Blender to slightly adjust brightness and contrast.

I am actually quite chuffed about the final result.

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