Documentation images for the Kotokino Mark IV scanner

I was asked to provide more detailed images of the Kotokino Mark IV telecine machine, so I shot a dozen more.

General setup. The lamp is housed inside the box, which is built out of floor laminate, with 3D printed corners. The camera is a placeholder for my usual Canon 1000D.
Other view showing the film takeup spool and the servos, one for the spool, and one for the film gate rotation.
Top view showing the relative layout of the parts. Note the gray assembly that allows three axis movement for the film gate switch.
Film entry side of the device. The film trough is printed to have just an adequate light aperture to allow for frame capture but no leakage of light.
Film trough with a frame visible, illuminated from below.
Closeup of the camera tower assembly with the adjustment screws visible.
Power management with 12V/ 2A going in, and then four buck down regulators splitting it into 5V for Arduino, 6V for servos, 8.7V for camera and 12V for light.
Arduino on the right, four switches for each of the constituent parts, and the buck downs in a single element. The potentiometer is for adjusting takeup spool speed and turning it the other way when rewinding.
Takeup spool is located after the film gate. The film movement is governed by the film gate, which can be moved to allow for frame adjustment under the camera.
Closeup of the film gate switch, which closes the circuit to trigger the camera when a frame is in place.
The film gate switch is closed in this image.
The salvaged film gate from a ruined Bolex D8 is the heart of the entire telecine machine. You can se ethe film advance pin close to the blue shrink tube which holds the switch actuator rod.
Closeup of the power delivery box, the Arduino Nano on the left.
Arduino Nano
The lamp inside the housing.

So, this set of images is mainly for the benefit of those who may want to build a similar setup. If you have any more questions, just drop me a comment.

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