An exciting product launch on metal printing

This is a press release from my friends at, who have come up with an interesting solution to getting quotes on metal printing as well as figuring out the best aligment of objects to print (and more!).

If you are interested in metal printing, you need to read this and get in touch with Thrinno, most definitely.


Thrinno Marketplace: The one-stop sourcing platform for metal AM

(embargo: 21st of April!)

April 21, 2017 – Ghent, Belgium – Thrinno is launching ‘Thrinno MarketPlace®’, the first ever integrated manufacturing platform for metal additive manufacturing (AM) where companies can obtain the most competitive price based on actual manufacturing capacity available. Anywhere in the world, at any time. The platform will also offer professional design optimization and users can check their current designs for free with the Thrinno Metal AM design checks.

Thrinno is an AM Software Solutions Provider known from ‘Thrinno Fast Quote’, the intelligent quotation generator for metal AM service providers.

Currently, when you ask a quotation from three potential suppliers, you get three entirely different prices. Moreover, when you ask the same suppliers to price the exact same object one month later, you might end up with six largely differing prices. There is a simple technical reason for this conundrum. Objects of different customers are printed together on the same build plate. The fuller the build plate the cheaper each object. Ideally, for an optimized design, you’d be able to find excessive capacity on a build plate anywhere in the world and schedule your order, resulting in an optimal price. That is the future with Thrinno MarketPlace® in Industry 4.0

On the platform, companies can opt to be matched with the right supplier through a proprietary matching system and request a quotation from suppliers they feel confident doing business with. Suppliers can further be filtered on geographic location, materials, experience, type of industry, printable dimensions, print lead times. Suppliers can also be asked to sign an e-NDA before accessing the file.

Companies will be able to access a bidding system to get the most competitive price from suppliers with excess short term capacity in the near future.

Suppliers will benefit as they will be able to “top-up” their build plates. For build-plates which are already fully priced, any additional object is virtually pure profit. Eventually, suppliers will have the option to connect their system with the platform to get real time information on pieces that fit onto their build plate.

Additionally, on the Thrinno platform, companies can now assess their designs’ printability and gain a better understanding of the design process and other factors that influence printability. This design check toolbox is currently freely available for all users of the platform.

Companies will also be able to request assistance from an AM consultants, to guide them in assessing all functional aspects when designing a part for metal AM in the first place. This integration of functionalities will make Thrinno MarketPlace® the only one-stop sourcing platform for metal AM.

The Thrinno Marketplace® is open for business from the 21st of April 2017 onwards.

Link to MarketPlace Images

About Thrinno
Thrinno is a Belgian software startup founded in May 2016, active in the additive manufacturing sector. They make their own software products, but also support other companies with custom made software solutions. For more information please contact:

Press Contact:
Anthony R. Cloet
+32 497 17 82 13

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