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NEWS FLASH: The following information is outdated in that I have parted ways with Fingerpress UK. The books are not available right now, but will be soon, when I close a deal with a new publisher.

I am very happy to report that my book, Tulagi Hotel, is now released into the Finnish market as Hotelli Tulagi. Published by Sitruuna Kustannus and translated by the very capable translator, Seppo Raudaskoski, it hit the stores in late August and is now available in a multitude of shops as well as all Finnish net stores that sell books.

It was a four year project to get it published here, but it was well worth the wait, as the final product is really great. Seppo’s translation is much better than anything I could have produced myself.

US Tulagi Cover

This book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores. It is a historical fiction novel tracking the fortunes of Jack McGuire, an American Marine fighter pilot. Follow his path from Nebraska to the Solomon Islands, from the comfort of his home at the farm to the fiery skies of Guadalcanal and beyond. Dodging bullets, he survives to find that he cannot go back to the United States, but has to return to the Solomons to start a hotel there. For a while life is sweet.

But his past soon catches up with him. A parade of war veterans float through the hotel, sending Jack hurtling back into dogfights over the Solomon Islands, as the story of his wartime life unfolds. Then, out of the Pacific blue, he sees the widow of his former wingman Don Wheeler, who was shot down in action. No-one even knew that womanizing fighter pilot Don had a wife, and her arrival sends Jack’s life into turmoil.

See more on the book’s own site. You can buy the book at Amazon US (Kindle), Amazon US (paperback) and Amazon UK, or Barnes and Noble. Also available at Akateeminen Kirjakauppa here in Finland.

The book has its own website.

PS Kirjan suomalainen kotisivu on tässä.

Cover of Filtered Light
Cover of Filtered Light

Short stories

I have had a collection published by Pfoxmoor Publishing in 2011, but it is just now re-released by my current publisher, Fingerpress (March 2016). I am very, very happy with the cover, as it perfectly captures the eponymous story. The link is for the paperback, the Kindle version will be found on Amazon soon.

My latest book, Tuhkat (Ashes)

I wrote my third book in Finnish, and you can see more of it at the publisher’s website.