A basic info package on Blender

In case you are interested in 3D design, but have not been able to find a primer that would give you sime basic info on the subject, I am posting this Introduction to Blender. I wrote this file as a 30 minute presentation into Blender for the Happy Hacking Day 2013, held in May this year at HAAGA-HELIA. The presentation is in PDF format, and you will see a couple of odd pages in it – those are animations that do not work in PDF. Don’t worry.

This pack will show you what you can reasonably expect to be able to produce after learning Blender for some time. My own experience with it goes back about three years, and I am still learning new things every day when using it. In fact, few systems have given me such a thrill to learn them. It seems that with Blender, only the sky’s the limit, which you can see if you Google for some images made with it, or check the galleries at www.blender.org, the home of Blender.


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